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Visit our taproom and taste different types of craft beer from 5 to 10 on Monday through Thursday, Friday from 4 to 11, Saturday 12 to 11pm and Sunday from 12 to 7pm. Book our taproom for your next function, or just stop by for a free tour.

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What’s going on around town. Join us for great Chicago craft beer and good times. The Church Street Brewing Company participates in most area events and festivals with its many types of craft beer. Follow us or check our calendar.

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Church Street Brewing Company

Old World Brewing Done Chicago Suburban Style

The Church Street Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in Itasca – a western suburb of Chicago. We love what we do! We brew traditional and unpretentious lagers and ales that represent the old and new beer styles of European influence. A family business built on a dream to make quality beer for our loyal clientele. Although we have won several awards, our real passion is to serve our patrons with consistently good-tasting craft beer. We serve locally, nationally and internationally. Come on down and enjoy a beer and tour (free) of our brewery. We love to connect, converse and share our craft beer knowledge with fellow beer lovers! All are welcome!

Our Beers

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Heavenly Helles

5.4% ABV 20 IBU
One of Church Street’s more popular craft beer, Heavenly Helles, is one of Germany’s quintessential beverages. Utilizing old world decoction-mashing techniques for a truly unique sweet malt character. This gentle drink also features a straw colored-clarity that’s clearly heavenly!
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Church Street Pils

ABV 5.1% IBU 23
This award winning pilsner recipe comes to you from the brewers at Church Street Brewing Company. Our proprietary yeast strain along with the Czech Saaz hops produces a pilsner that is completely unique to this side of the pond. The rich malt character of a Czech Pilsner is derived from our European brewing techniques (decoction mash brewing) which comes through at first, followed by the crisp hop bitterness of a German Pilsner.
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Devil’s Advocate

ABV 8.8% IBU 27 SRM 8
Devil’s Advocate begs the question: What happens when you take a ton (literally) of Pilsen malt, put it through a decoction mash, boil it up, add another 500 lbs of Belgian candy and kane sugar, and then add some of Duvel’s world famous yeast? The answer: A spicy, sweet, and dangerously drinkable Belgian golden strong ale.
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Tale of the Shony

ABV 5.1% IBU 32 SRM 24
In centuries past, to ensure a plentiful crop, the Celts would donate a variety of malts for a community ale to please the Shony, a local water spirit. Sadly, the custom dictated that they throw it all in the ocean. Our traditional 80 Shilling Scottish-style ale is a robust brew with notes of sweet caramel and mellow roast – best enjoyed on land, not in the ocean.
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Brimstone IPA

ABV 6.8% IBU 50 SRM 12
Church Street is proud to present our take on the American IPA with this dry-hopped West Coast IPA that’s brimming with Cascade aroma, giving this tangerine-beauty a fruity and refreshing nose – don’t be surprised if you find yourself sniffing more than sipping! A bold bitterness is rounded out by notes of citrus and grapefruit and a slightly dry hoppy finish. Cheers!
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Crimson Clover Irish Red

ABV 5.5% IBU 38 SRM 34
Our Red Irish Ale is a classic European brew using 100% UK hops and Crystal and Vienna malts. Notes of caramel, toffee, and buttered toast provide for a smooth and complex flavor profile – topped with a creamy head.
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Magisterium Maibock

ABV 6.5% IBU 22 SRM 7
A golden, medium-bodied bock. This Weyermann-malted, double-decoction-mashed traditional German maibock features subtle hints of toast and caramel from carahell and dark Munich malts and a strawberry-like sweetness from the extended boiling of the malt. Featuring three different German hops varieties to ensure a complex, full character.
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Hauch von Himmel

ABV 4.8% IBU 14 SRM 12
A classic Bavarian style hefeweizen, unfiltered, highly carbonated with flavors and aromas of banana and clove. Hazy golden in color, utilizing a decoction mash, Andechs Weiss yeast and noble hops for a delicious, refreshing traditional summertime brew.
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Itascafest Marzen

ABV 5.1% IBU 24 SRM 17
A FALL BEER … Church Street’s first fall seasonal! A truly traditional German Marzen/Oktoberfest featuring a pure amber clarity. A subtle toasty aroma with a hint of caramel, and a rich, deep malt character fully fleshed out with a double-decoction mash and Weyermann’s world class German malt. Prost!
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Bob’s Your Dunkel

ABV 4.9% IBU 22 SRM 18
A robust dark-amber lager, made entirely with Weyermann malt. Decoction mashed with Caramunich malt for an exceptional body. Subtle notes of nutty caramel, toffee, and toast compliment a sweet malt character tempered with noble hops. A terrific brew for fall through winter. Prost!
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Pontificator Doppelbock

ABV 7.0% IBU 18 SRM 18
A dark-ruby colored treat that is noticeably malty and sweet. Double decoction and a heap of Weyermann Caramunich malt make for a caramel rich beverage with subtle fruity notes of prune and grape. This doppelbock is a full-bodied beer that goes down with a smooth warmth!
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Holy Cow Milk Stout

ABV 7.5% IBU 22
We are proud to offer this traditional English sweet stout that’s bursting with notes of chocolate and a hint of coffee. A dark ale, milk stout has just a touch of sweetness provided by an addition of non-fermentable lactose sugar. Aged in Buffalo Trace barrels.

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