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1 Gallon Jug


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80 v/v% ethanol (active ingredient)

1.45 v/v% glycerin

0.125 v/v% hydrogen peroxide

Balance: boiled water


This formulation conforms to recent documentation issued by the FDA under which companies with appropriate blending, measuring, and packaging capabilities have been given permission to make sanitizer on a temporary basis.


The FDA formulation is suitable for use on hands as well as general surface sanitization. It sprays easily from small bottles.


Guidance from the FDA, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the TTB is consistent in calling for an 80 volume-% ethanol (or 75 volume-% isopropyl alcohol) formulation. Because this formulation targets virus destruction, these organizations do not allow thickening agents to be used in their approved formulations. Blending gels under this specific FDA license is absolutely not allowed. We are also not allowed to add conditioning agents beyond 1.45 volume-% glycerin, because the number one priority is virus destruction as opposed to skin conditioning.


Supporting documentation provided by the FDA and WHO is available upon request.

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1 Gallon, 1 case of 4 bottles


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