Welcome to our blog!

I don’t usually send out such messages, but I wanted to announce our decision to start a blog. Plus, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for such great support – without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today, which includes expanding outside the Midwest, and even internationally [more to come on that topic via our blog]. I decided to start a blog to share our learnings and hopefully stimulate discussion around various topics such as:

  • How does the Church Street Brewing Company create its flavors?
  • How does the Church Street Brewing Company come up with the different craft beer names?
  • What’s the difference between home brewing versus commercial brewing?
  • Is brewing an art or science?

You get the idea…there are many other topics I would like to share with you all – and hopefully, you can share your thoughts as well. Are there any topics you would like to hear about? We will also link our Facebook and Twitter accounts to the blog

Finally, through our blog, I’d like to share with you tidbits of information about our various ‘personalities’ – our staff, their passions, what makes them tick, etc. I hope you enjoy reading, commenting and sharing with others our ‘craft beer story’. Thank again,

~ Lisa & Joe (Church Street Beer founders)

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