Vienna Lager … Proving that Political Follies May Come and Go But Good Beer Stays Forever

Church Street Brewing Company on its Sixth Anniversary

Introduces its First Vienna Lager Pancho Vienna

In 1861, Napoleon III invaded Mexico after President Benito Juarez refused to continue to pay interest to European powers. The invasion and subsequent occupation brought about the Second Mexican Empire, and installed Maximilian I, from the Austrian Royal House, as a puppet ruler. His reign was short and, ultimately, ended with his execution by Mexican forces, but the 3 years he was in power brought an influx of European brewers. Of these brewers, a man named Santiago Graf seems to have had the largest influence.

Other iterations of the Vienna lager style would make an appearance and have great popularity in post-prohibition America. But, it would be Mexico that kept the style alive, even as it changed it. Adjunct cereals, especially corn, started making up more and more of the grain bill, creating a beer with far less of the defined but delicate malt backbone found in the original examples.

In 1926, Cerveceria Modelo opened in Mexico City and soon it was producing its own adjunct-laden example of the style, Negra Modelo. It is still popular today. In recent decades even the authentic Vienna lager has found a new bastion of burgeoning fame among the American craft beer movement.”

Vienna Lager: Style Profile, History & Brewing Tips


Pancho Vienna is coming September 27th to Church Street Brewing Company in Itasca, Illinois. 

Join us on our Sixth Anniversary Weekend celebration from Thursday, September 27 through Saturday the 29th for giveaways, special beer tappings, food trucks and live music. 

Pancho Vienna: A delicate, complex lager with a subtle caramel aroma and a dry finish aided by noble hop bitterness.

A brew that says cheers to Fall and cheers to Six Years of serving Righteously Good Beer to the town of Itasca and the Chicagoland area.




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