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Ever wonder what we do with the brewer’s grain or waste, the byproduct of the brewing process? Brewer’s grains are the solid residue left after the processing of the germinated and dried cereal grains (malt) for the production of our beer. Though barley is the main grain used for brewing, Church Street also uses wheat and oats occasionally.

Thanks for Thinking of Us

Church Street’s Brewer’s Assistant Chuck Fort, when he was home brewing, used to spread out the nitrogen-rich spent grain on his garden during the winter, feeding the rabbits who in turn kindly left their droppings .. even more fertilizer for his plants.  These days, we’re keeping Chuck busy brewing at Church Street, but he can still take a pailful home of our brewer’s grain for his garden.

Actually, the majority of Church Street’s spent grain goes to a local cattle farmer as a supplemental feed.   But we’ve got some chicken owners, too, taking it home to their chicks.  Just make sure that you use it quickly as it will start to ferment after a couple of days.

You can also make bread, dog treats (make sure no hops though as dogs don’t do hops!), grow mushrooms .. a whole industry is cropping up based on the efficiency of using the spent grain, even six pack rings and tableware!

So next time you come in to our Taproom to enjoy one of Church Street’s righteously good brews, know that we’re doing our part to keep the goodness going …

Heavenly Helles

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