April 20, 2018

Meet Us

The Church Street Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in the western suburbs of Chicago; catering not only to locals, but to national and international customers. Founders Joe and Lisa Gregor are solid and unpretentious – well respected in the local community — and brewing a wide range of old and new beer styles of European influence. Their award-winning beers are as tasty as they sound! First and foremost, they are dedicated and passionate about creating good-tasting beers for their loyal clientele. They are committed to expanding the knowledge of all who come through the door by offering excellent (and free!) tours that not only afford our patrons the opportunity to learn a little more about Church Street, but to also learn about the process of making beer itself. All are welcome! Please come and visit the Church Street Brewing Company — you can expect a welcoming atmosphere, great beer, and conversation.

Lisa & joe, Founders

Joe and Lisa Gregor began brewing when their eldest son suggested “Dad” might like brewing beer; so, when he came home one Christmas, they purchased a homebrew kit and the rest is history. As a chemical engineer, world traveler – due to work – and lover of beers, Joe took right to brewing traditional European beers. As for Lisa, she’s the “boss” running the brewery and the glue that holds it all together. Plus, she’s got a knack for knowing great brews! She’s also a fervent supporter of her local community and involved in many charity events.

T.J., Head Brewer

T. J. Bachorz is from Channahon, Illinois and joined Church Street as a brewery assistant just before launch in September of 2012. Coming from a home brewing background, he later broadened his knowledge and passion for beer by completing Siebel's Concise Course in Brewing Technology in November of 2012. Since then he has served in the brewery doing everything from brewing, to cellaring and packaging and in April of 2016 he took over as our new head brewer. His favorite styles include German lagers/ale, IPAs and Stouts.

Andrew "Skinny Jeans"

Andrew fell in love with craft beer while studying his bachelor’s degree in English. Shortly after graduating, he bought his first home brew kit and started making ales, stouts and porters in his kitchen while working odd jobs such as projectionist, theater manager, salesman, juice kitchen worker, and a catering server. He joined Church Street after meeting the taproom managers at a wedding; he's now worked his way to cellarman and brewer. If you talk to him, he'll tell you he's “living the dream”.

Chuck Fort, Brewer's Assistant

Chuck Fort grew up in Naperville where he began his career in beer at the ripe old age of 12 -- he started a beer can collection, which still adorns the walls of his basement bar. In 1985, Chuck was old enough to live on his own where he began brewing beer while paying the bills with an IT career. Beer slowly took over as he went from all grain brewing to passing the BJCP program, winning many awards at armature beer competitions, being mentored by a European brew master, attending SIEBEL, and now going from the armature world of brewing to the commercial world. Chuck started as a taproom server at Church Street Brewing and is now a Brewer’s Assistant.

David Rapp

David Rapp, Beer Inspector

Dave graduated from North Central College in Naperville with a degree in Chemistry and a teaching certificate. After college, he taught high school chemistry for a few years, but decided it wasn’t for me. Most of his beer experience comes from his time as a quality technician at Lagunitas Brewing Company in Chicago and as a packaging tech at Columbus Brewing Company in Columbus, Ohio. After spending some time in Columbus, he's back in Illinois, building the quality lab for Church Street and occasionally lifting heavy things for the brewers. When he's not at the brewery, he runs (2 marathons so far!), maintains his own blog about beer and running adventures, and just started getting into archery.

Jace, Sales Manager

Jace is the newest member of our team. Jace fell in love with beer while living in Germany after graduating from the University of Illinois. When he came back to the states, he immediately started working in American craft beer while brewing at home. A large majority of his background is in tap room management, but having helped to open a brewery from the ground up in 2017, Jace has experience in all aspects of the beer business. Currently he serves at Church Street sales manager. A role in which he organizes and plans our fests, tastings and other beer events while also helping to manage our sales force and maintain relationships with our distributors. He likes to refer to himself as "a Jace of all trades".

Don, Sales

Sales Associate, Beer enthusiast, and friend. A man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery. Currently working towards an MBA with an emphasis in fantasy football. The only time I set the bar low, is for Limbo. Best things in the world: steak, beer, baseball, family, and records. Prosit!

Steve Sommerio, Sales

Steve, is the newest member of the sales team. He has been working with craft beer for over 8 years, has finally landed his dream job in beer sales. Steve brings height, a tremendous ability on creating genuine connections with people, and a passion for beer. He loves hanging with his family, going to gym(to work off the beer) , video games, and sports. Steve looks forward to spreading the wonderful culture of Church Street.


Mark is our Brit and Yankee podcast co-producer with over 40 years of brewing experience -- he is also a BJCP judge and instructor. We are thrilled to have Mark part of our recipe team; he works on our German beer line and spent 20 years being trained on various beers in Germany: Helles being one of them. Mark enthusiastically travels the country exploring new beers and brewing ideas. He has also designed two breweries in St. Louis. Mark is a great addition to the team.

Swiffer, Chief Operating Officer

Without Swiffer's leadership as our COO, nothing gets done around here!