It’s summertime again – and our summer beer releases are here! Yea!hauch-von-himmel

Work all night on a drink of rum
Daylight come and me wan’ go home,
Stack banana till de morning come,
Daylight come and me wan’ go home…


Okay, maybe the Banana Boat song – famously sung by Harry Belafonte – was more of social statement of a difficult period in history, but to me as I hear the melody, I get happy – maybe it’s because I feel like dancing like in the movie Beetlejuice. And, since it is summer – almost – it’s time to ‘get your happy on’! Come down to the Church Street outdoor terrace and enjoy our summer releases. The first one is Hauch von Himmel with its flavors and aromas of banana and clove. A classic Bavarian style hefeweizen, unfiltered and highly carbonated, hazy golden in color utilizing a decoction mash, Andechs Weiss yeast and Noble hops for a delicious, refreshing traditional summertime brew – a Bronze Medal recipient at the Alltech Commonwealth Cup competition. Daaaaay-O!

head-in-cloudsOr, try our second release, Head in the Clouds! What’s more relaxing during the months than to lazily lean back and get your ‘head in the clouds’? It’s a fine malty lager – smooth with umami character and a fine crisp German hop finish. The yeast in suspension provides for a medium-body that manages to be refreshing yet hearty. By the way, it’s named after a song by a good of Church Street, Robert Rolf Federsson, an original folk music singer/songwriter.

So, please come down to the Church Street Brewing Company’s tap room and terrace and get your ‘head in the clouds’! Daaaaay-O!

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