Church Street Brewing Company is an Official Sponsor of the Schaumburg Boomers!


Win baseball tickets from Church Street Beer!

We want to take you out to

the Ball Game this summer.


Church Street Brewing Company is now an official craft beer sponsor at the Schaumburg Boomer Stadium.

*Enter your email here to win a pair of tickets to select home games.

*The fine print is that you will be entered to our newsletter list when you sign up to enter this contest.  But you can always unsubscribe to the newsletter while still being eligible to win the pair of tickets.  And yes, you can sign up even if you already get our Righteously Good Newsletter each month.  We will be giving away two tickets per home game unless they are otherwise distributed for that game.   We guarantee at least ten pairs before the end of the season.  Sorry, you cannot pick the specific game.

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