Church Street Brewing Company Adds Two New Distributors

New Distributors Chosen for their Prime Chicago Urban Market and Continuance of Missouri Presence to Offer Award-winning Traditionally Brewed Church Street Beer.

Church Street Brewing Company taps the revived Weinbauer Distribution, Inc to transform the brewery’s business inside the city of Chicago. As one of the great suburban brands, Church Street has experienced steady growth over the first five years of the brewery’s life. Weinbauer will be responsible for growing the business in Chicago’s downtown and growing north-side neighborhoods.

The current Weinbauer Distribution is a new company formed from the remains of the older German wine distribution house. New owner and CEO, John Levanti, a veteran of beer distribution, purchased the company recently and is working to turn the focus back to craft beer and spirits.  Even the company name itself will be changing shortly.

We are excited to be expanding our distribution network and are always on the look-out for the right business relationships to further spread the availability of our ‘Righteously Good Beer,’” said Jace Rhea, Sales Manager for Church Street Brewing Company.

Church Street Brewing Company will also be expanding its reach in the Missouri market with another new distributor Sparta Beverage. Sparta was created in 2007 to fill a service gap for small craft brewers in the Kansas City MO market.  Our goal then was to provide a distribution alternative with a  tireless attention to quality that our founding managers incorporated as craft beer manufacturers. Our mission today is steadfast to that goal.  The product matters. We focus on delivering a “quality first” sales and service experience.

Look for Church Street to grow in 2018 as they add new styles and keep making the beers that put them on the map.


Wanting to get our “Righteously Good Beer” in  your Grocery store, Restaurant or Liquor store?  See our distributors here

The Church Street Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in Itasca – a western suburb of Chicago. We love what we do! We brew traditional and unpretentious lagers and ales that represent the old and new beer styles of European influence. A family business built on a dream to make quality beer for our loyal clientele. Although we have won several awards, our real passion is to serve our patrons with consistently good-tasting craft beer. We serve locally, nationally and internationally. Come on down and enjoy a beer and tour (free) of our brewery. We love to connect, converse and share our craft beer knowledge with fellow beer lovers! All are welcome!

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