Check out our new Heavenly Helles label!

Check out our new Heavenly Helles label!

The Church Street Brewing Company is releasing a new Heavely Helles label! We’re pretty excited about it – check it out!

Church Street Brewing Company - new Heavely Helles labelNikki has been heavily involved in the art community the past 13 years – mainly focused on creating “artwork with a cause”. She started curating art shows six years ago to help fellow artists all over the world, as well as holding art shows that benefit charitable organizations to help those in their fight against cancer. Being a cancer survivor herself, she knows firsthand the struggles of being a young adult faced with the deadly disease. Check out our new Heavenly Helles labelShe works mainly with charcoal, acrylic and spray paint. Her work can be best described as darker subjects with bright colors. Some of her favorite artists include Salvador Dali, Miss Van, Daim and all of the artists she’s had the pleasure of working with.

Mike has been drawing and pursuing art his whole life. When he was younger, he worked on studying comic book art, and during his teens and early twenties, he was a graffiti writer. Now, he has turned his work into fine line work primarily black ink. He has studied numerous art forms and studied at the art institute. His work is primarily darker and influenced by classic artists such as Albrecht Durer and Gustav Dore. He is also influenced by nature, mythology, theology, and gothic imagery.

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