What does Doppelbock have to do with Lent?

Since it’s Lent for many people, the Church Street Brewing Company thought perhaps a quick side-story surrounding the origins of ‘doppelbock’ might be in order. For many, Lent also means it’s time for ‘doppelbock’ beer – okay, maybe not… But, let’s explore the origin of the style nonetheless because there is some correlation and it’s[…]

How do we make our beer ‘SURVIVE’ once it leaves our brewery?

Welcome back! The last couple blogs, we delved into the differences between home-brewing and commercial craft brewing. Since some beers aren’t consumed for months, it’s imperative you have a plan to maintain quality and freshness – and, at the Church Street Brewing Company, we do! As we all know, if you leave some food out,[…]

Home Brewing vs. Commercial Brewing Part 2

Welcome back for ‘Part 2’ of our Home Brewing vs. Commercial Brewing blog! Last week, we talked about the ingredients and how they’re similar, but managed a differently. This week, we get into the techniques we use for commercial brewing at the Church Street Brewing Company, which can vary significantly as compared to home brewing[…]



At the Church Street Brewing Company, we are very fortunate to have a few longtime ‘homebrewers’ on our team – in fact, our own Chuck Fort has received many medals in home-brewing competitions and is also the President of the Urban Knaves of Grain http://www.knaves.org/ Since we also get a lot of homebrewers visiting our[…]

Welcome to our blog!

I don’t usually send out such messages, but I wanted to announce our decision to start a blog. Plus, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for such great support – without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today, which includes expanding outside the Midwest, and even internationally [more to come[…]