April 20, 2018


FoBab - Festival of Wood and Barrel-aged Beer

2018 Holy Moly Silver Medal in Classic Styles


Tastings.com 2017 Silver for Brimstone IPA (Score of 88), 2016 Gold for Continental Lager (90) and Tale of the Shony Scottish Ale (91), Silver for Pontificator Doppelbock (89) and Heavenly Helles (88).

Chicago Beer Society

2018 Fall Tasting -- Favorite Beer (1st): Crönenbier
2017 Fall Tasting -- Favorite Beer (3rd): Paint it Plaid

Readers Choice Top Pick 2017

Top Pick for Chicago Brewery

Commonwealth Cup

Alltech Beer Festival Commonwealth Cup 2018 Gold Winners: Magisterium Maibock, Bell Tower & Paint it Plaid. Cup 2016 Silver: Bobs Your Dunkel, Tale of the Shony Scottish Ale, Continental Lager. 2015 Silver Fire IPA, Bronze Hauch von Himmel Hef, Devil's Advocate.

Chicago Magazine

Chicago Magazine Fall 2013, Best Lager in Chicago..Helles..Runnerup for Irish Red.

Midwest Brewers

Midwest Brewers Fest: '13 Best of Show Heavenly Helles, '14 Best of Cate- gory Devils Advocate, '15 Runnerup Best of Category Shony Scottish Ale.