Moo! Cluck! Thanks for Thinking of Us!

Ever wonder what we do with the brewer’s grain or waste, the byproduct of the brewing process? Brewer’s grains are the solid residue left after the processing of the germinated and dried cereal grains (malt) for the production of our beer. Though barley is the main grain used for brewing, Church Street also uses wheat[…]

Thank You! Church Street’s 5-year Anniversary Celebration – Cool Events Scheduled!

“Has it been that long? Wow, seems like just yesterday – it’s been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!” says Lisa Gregor, owner/co-founder of the Church Street Brewing Company. Lisa is thankful and very much aware that Church Street’s success could not have happened without the help of wonderful and loyal patrons,[…]

Check out our new Heavenly Helles label!

Check out our new Heavenly Helles label! The Church Street Brewing Company is releasing a new Heavely Helles label! We’re pretty excited about it – check it out! Nikki has been heavily involved in the art community the past 13 years – mainly focused on creating “artwork with a cause”. She started curating art shows[…]


It’s summertime again – and our summer beer releases are here! Yea! Work all night on a drink of rum Daylight come and me wan’ go home, Stack banana till de morning come, Daylight come and me wan’ go home… Daaayyyyy-O! Okay, maybe the Banana Boat song – famously sung by Harry Belafonte – was[…]

The Church Street Brewing Company – Origins…

Many of you have asked us how we got started and where are we headed! We love the question, so if I may indulge myself, I thought a quick blog might be appropriate. In a follow-up, I thought I could also blog about our “cast of characters” at the Church Street Brewing Company. The Gregor[…]

What does Doppelbock have to do with Lent?

Since it’s Lent for many people, the Church Street Brewing Company thought perhaps a quick side-story surrounding the origins of ‘doppelbock’ might be in order. For many, Lent also means it’s time for ‘doppelbock’ beer – okay, maybe not… But, let’s explore the origin of the style nonetheless because there is some correlation and it’s[…]

How do we make our beer ‘SURVIVE’ once it leaves our brewery?

Welcome back! The last couple blogs, we delved into the differences between home-brewing and commercial craft brewing. Since some beers aren’t consumed for months, it’s imperative you have a plan to maintain quality and freshness – and, at the Church Street Brewing Company, we do! As we all know, if you leave some food out,[…]

Home Brewing vs. Commercial Brewing Part 2

Welcome back for ‘Part 2’ of our Home Brewing vs. Commercial Brewing blog! Last week, we talked about the ingredients and how they’re similar, but managed a differently. This week, we get into the techniques we use for commercial brewing at the Church Street Brewing Company, which can vary significantly as compared to home brewing[…]