Church Street Brewing Brings Home a Medal in FoBAB’s Barrel-Aged Beer with Holy Moly Milk Stout!

Holy Moly: We are proud to offer this traditional English sweet stout that’s bursting with notes of chocolate and a hint of coffee. A dark ale, milk stout has just a touch of sweetness provided by an addition of non-fermentable lactose sugar. Aged in Buffalo Trace barrels. Our Buffalo Trace Barrel version of Holy Cow[…]

Sipp Industries Announces The Official Launch Of Newly Developed Hemp IPA Beer In Cans

  Reprint from Yahoo News. Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) for Major Hemp H-IPA has been granted COSTA MESA, Calif., Oct. 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via OTC PR WIRE – Sipp Industries, Inc. (SIPC), a multifaceted corporation specializing in technology, manufacturing and distribution of[…]

Sipp Industries Signs Agreement with Church Street Brewing Company to Produce New Hemp IPA

Major Hemp HIPA to tap Chicago’s large craft beer market  (reprint) COSTA MESA, Calif., July 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via OTC PR WIRE — Sipp Industries, Inc. (SIPC), a multifaceted corporation specializing in technology, manufacturing, and distribution of commercial and consumer products announces it has formed a partnership with The Church Street Brewing Company[…]

Vienna Lager … Proving that Political Follies May Come and Go But Good Beer Stays Forever

Church Street Brewing Company on its Sixth Anniversary Introduces its First Vienna Lager – Pancho Vienna “In 1861, Napoleon III invaded Mexico after President Benito Juarez refused to continue to pay interest to European powers. The invasion and subsequent occupation brought about the Second Mexican Empire, and installed Maximilian I, from the Austrian Royal House,[…]

Church Street Brewing Company is an Official Sponsor of the Schaumburg Boomers!

  Win baseball tickets from Church Street Beer! We want to take you out to the Ball Game this summer.   Church Street Brewing Company is now an official craft beer sponsor at the Schaumburg Boomer Stadium. *Enter your email here to win a pair of tickets to select home games. *The fine print is[…]

Church Street Brewing Company Adds Two New Distributors

New Distributors Chosen for their Prime Chicago Urban Market and Continuance of Missouri Presence to Offer Award-winning Traditionally Brewed Church Street Beer. Church Street Brewing Company taps the revived Weinbauer Distribution, Inc to transform the brewery’s business inside the city of Chicago. As one of the great suburban brands, Church Street has experienced steady growth[…]

Bock Beer is King! Part Three of Three

Different Types of Bock Beer Dopplebock The name of this beer would seem to imply that it is an extension of the traditional Bock style but that is not the case. Dopplebock and it’s name sake (Bock) both hail from the town of Munich, but have completely separate histories of their own. Munich, which means[…]

Bock Beer is King! Part Two of Three

More on the History of Bock by Church Street Brew’s own Charles E. Fort Where did the goat come from? Not withstanding Part One’s logical explanation, the absolute origin of Bock’s name is impossible to prove although some interesting explanations have been suggested over the years. Many of them focus on the fact that ‘Bock’[…]

Bock Beer is King! Part One of Three

By Charles E. Fort The story of Bock Beer begins in the German state of Lower Saxony in a little town known as Einbeck along with its famous Einbecker Brewery. The many people of this town are proud of their beer heritage and will be the first to exclaim that this is where Bock Beer[…]


The Church Street Brewing Company has been having fun working with local artists, Nikki and Mike, whose artist names are ‘Hellcat’ and ‘Zombiac’, respectively, redesigning their labels. Heavenly Helles is already out in the market, but look for the new ones over the next couple months as the old ones disappear. Since getting great feedback[…]